Production of cast iron parts



Bulgaria, Gabrovo 5300

North Industrial Zone

tel.: + 359 888 724 758

tel.: +359 888 765 503



"Gabro-Metal 2000" Ltd. was established in 1999. The main activity is production of various parts of gray and ductile iron, mainly used in engineering and construction. The head office and manufacturing facilities of the company are located in the city of Gabrovo, North Industrial Zone.

The main products of the company are:

  • Details forproduction of electric hoists electromotors; 
  • Details for the production of electric hoists
  • Details for pipelines
  • Arresters for bridges and other structures
  • Rain grids
  • Covers and bracelets for manholes

Production equipment consists of induction furnaces. 

  • PI 400 - 630 kg capacity, PI 500 - capacity 1000 kg
  • 2 sockets with one management muller
  • Kollergang / mixer/ mold and core mixtures
  • shot blasting machine,
  • for cleaning mold from forming mixture